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Do you also think that your regular debit card needs a make-over and do you go and consider whether it is worth replacing it with a credit card? Then read here where we take a look at the biggest benefits of a personal credit card. As with any other thing in life, there are both advantages and disadvantages of a credit card, so you should, in any case, be critical and perhaps first and foremost make the service of putting a budget before continuing with your application – Credit cards are a bit more responsibility than your regular debit card, as one can quickly be tempted to buy a lot of things on installment – which one might not quite afford.

That being said, many people today prefer to have a credit card rather than a debit card (or maybe both) – and there are plenty of reasons.

With a credit card, Bad credit ok at PurplePayday, you can borrow money now and get them right away. There is no doubt that a credit card is perhaps the fastest and easy way to borrow money and today there are several different providers that offer a complete interest-free period of up to 60 days, sometimes even longer. That means, in principle, that you can go out and buy something that you don’t actually have money for at the moment and pay for the product a month or two later. Here it is, of course, important that you have self-control so that you do not end up in a difficult financial situation. Credit card debt can be hard to come by, so it’s important that you don’t let yourself be tempted too much and too often.

Shop online with your credit card. Undoubtedly, it has become increasingly common to make all of its purchases online, which means that the majority of most card providers offer so-called fraud protection when making purchases online. When shopping with your personal credit card online, you can be absolutely sure at all times that your security is a top priority and that your personal data is not being forwarded to third parties.

Get points every time you buy. You probably already know the popular collection points or brands that you find in most grocery stores today. However, not only the supermarkets are rewarding their customers every time they shop. Over the years, card issuers have jumped in fashion, and today, the vast majority of providers give you the opportunity to collect your points every time you shop. These points can later be converted into bonuses, discounts and in some cases money. If you still have a credit card, we strongly recommend that you keep track of the points that you collect over time.

How to get a credit card. Whether you can be granted a credit card depends on many things, but first and foremost, it is generally a condition that you have been a customer in the same bank for an extended period and that you have a good credit rating. Keep in mind that there is nothing stopping you from searching, so good luck with it!